Baptista Mantuanus

   Spanish-born monk and poet active in Italy, originally named Baptista Spagnolo. He studied at Mantua and Padua and became tutor to the children of the Gonzaga dynasty of Mantua. His early poetry was secular, largely devoted to praising the Mantuan court, but he abandoned his courtly life and entered the Carmelite order with such success that in 1513 he was elected general of the order. His later poetry was profoundly Christian, and many conservative humanists (such as John Colet in England) who had reservations about letting young students read pagan poetry recommended using Mantuanus' works instead since they were classical in language and form but thoroughly Christian and morally pure. His Eclogues became a widely used school text, and he came to be known as "the Christian Vergil."

Historical Dictionary of Renaissance. . 2004.

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